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A Soldier's Wife:
The Pain, The Struggle, The Courage, and the Survival

This is a candid and compelling story of Dru’s life as an officer’s wife. She reveals private ordeals and the emotional pain she felt while struggling to keep her family together. Dru is hoping to offer inspiration to anyone who is struggling with mental illness and to keep the faith during the darkest and most trying times. Dru writes with honesty and sincerity, while using her spiritual strength to recount the stress as well as the excitement that she experienced while being married to a military officer. She also describes how family and ignorance can drive apart the most loyal and faithful couple. Dru believes that through her journey with her husband, God has prepared her for another mission. Dru discloses that her children are the inspiration behind her honesty and forthrightness. She does not want any other children or spouses to suffer alone or handle their situation in private. She was taught that a person should use adversities as steps to elevate him or herself in life. She believes that life will give you many ups and downs, and you must decide if this is going to be an obstacle or an opportunity that propels you to move forward. Despite all the pain in her life, she has known that God has a plan and purpose for her; what she decided to do with the pain was her decision. This pain can move me in a direction of sadness or in the direction of survival and, ultimately, triumph. Pain has a purpose in life, and you can use the pain for your future, or it can paralyze you and leave you living in the past. Dru hopes her story will help and inspire others.

Book Signings at Fort Jackson

Hello Readers!

I wanted to do this post as a big thank you for all of the  people who came out to see and support me. I spent the past summer on Fort Jackson Base at the PX selling and signing books! I got to see so many great faces, and I really appreciate all of the love shown to me!


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